Work in Progress

I am currently working on three research projects:

Oxford Handbook of Spanish Politics. This volume will provide a comprehensive and comparative overview of political science research on Spain. It will also feature contributors from leading and emerging scholars in the field. I am co-editing this volume with Professor Ignacio Lago (Pompeu Fabra University).

Contemporary Terrorism Studies. This is an advanced textbook for students and scholars interested in the field of terrorism and political violence. The multi-author volume will map the whole of terrorism studies for undergraduate and postgraduate students and will be published by Oxford University Press. I am co-editing the volume with Dr Tim Wilson (CSTPV, St Andrews).

International Recognition and Support for Secession, paper co-authored with Guillem Vidal and Martijn Vlaskamp. In this paper we examine how new states are formed and what sort of support do they need in order to join the ‘society of states’. The paper will examine the case studies of Catalonia and Scotland where we conducted a large web-based survey experiment.