These are some of the op-eds I have published recently:

2017 ‘Ciudades y Terrorismo’, Afkar/Ideas 55, pp. 38-40.

2017 Objetivo Terrorista: La Ciudad’, El País, 17 August 2017.

2016What does Radicalisation Look Like? Four Visualisations of Socialisation into Violent Extremism’, Nota Internacional 163 CIDOB (22-12-2016)

2016ETA: is the terrorist group still active?‘ (15-20-2016) in Opendemocracy.net

2015 Why did ISIS Target France’, Opinion CIDOB (20-11-2015)

2014 A Catalan Compromise’, Foreign Affairs (9-11-2014)

2014 ‘How to Compensate Victims of Terrorism: Two Nations’ Very Different Responses’ (20-1-2014), The New York Times

2014 Persistent unemployment poses a substantive threat to democracy in Southern European countries’ (13 March 2014), LSE’s European Politics and Policy Blog (EUROPP Blog)

2014The Spanish government must find a positive message for Catalonia if it is to reduce support for Catalan independence’ (23 July 2014), LSE’s EUROPP Blog

2014 ¿Cuándo nos importa la corrupción?’ (21-3-2014), Agenda Pública – Diario.es.

2014¿Qué pasa cuando las elecciones no sirven para castigar a los políticos que se lo merecen?’ (21-4-2014), Agenda Pública – Diario.es.

2014 ¿Qué piensan los votantes de las primarias?’ (1-6-2014), Agenda Pública – Diario.es.

2014 The Madrid Blasts, Ten Years Later’ (11-3-2014) in Opendemocracy.net

2014 Mind the Gap: The Political Consequences of the Great Recession’, Nota Internacional CIDOB 90.